It isn’t clearly illegal or prohibited for a person living in New Zealand to play at an online gambling website that’s based overseas, in terms of the Gambling Act of 2003. The only provider of sports and racing betting services in New Zealand is the New Zealand Racing Board. It also controls online sports betting in New Zealand.

Online sports gambling have similar rules as online casino gambling in New Zealand. This means that it’s legal as long as it accepts Kiwi players and runs outside of New Zealand. You can apply the same rule for online poker. It’s legal as long as it’s played at a gambling site based overseas.

A Brief History of Gambling in New Zealand

In the world, gambling is considered as one of the oldest activities in gaming. You’ll probably find various types of gambling among each culture, although it is often frowned upon by individuals that are more conservative. As of now, the industry of gambling has more activity than in the past several years. Also, it’s now worth billions.

Gambling is a big part of the gaming culture in New Zealand, just like the rest of the world. Gambling was first introduced to the country by the first European settlers, even though it has been played in the country for centuries. During the colonial period, it was a well-known activity. However, everything changed after the Gambling Act of 1908 was passed. After that, gambling was only allowed to take place at the racetracks of New Zealand. But, gambling grew in popularity despite the law.

In 1951, the Golden Kiwi Lottery was introduced and it enhanced the popularity of gambling in New Zealand.

It’s illegal to operate an online casino in New Zealand. However, people living in the country over the age of 18 can play legally at online casino sites based outside of the country.

Regulations for New Zealand Players and Online Casinos

The government of New Zealand has legislated the venue several years ago when it comes to New Zealand Online Casino compliance. The Gambling Act was passed on in 2003. It stated that it’s legal for people living in New Zealand to play at an online casino, if it’s based overseas. But, in another section of the law, it stated that people living in New Zealand aren’t allowed to play at an online casino if the website of the operator is located within the jurisdiction of the country.

In addition to that, the government of New Zealand has made several other extra questions about online casinos. Every single player in New Zealand is allowed to play at an online sports betting or online poker site in compliance with the Gambling Act. This is because these areas fall into a similar category as all online gambling. Moreover, players in New Zealand must be aware that every win from online gambling is excluded from yearly income tax reports.

Who Decides what’s Legal?

The Internal Affair Department of New Zealand tightly regulates gambling within the country. As of now, the gambling legality in the country is governed by the Gambling Act of 2003. Generally, gambling is classed into 4 legal betting categories. Any abnormality from these categories is considered illegal. Additionally, every single gambling game has to return a percentage of the proceeds back to the country. However, these aren’t included in this stipulation since there are no legal online casinos operating in the country.

Also, the Gambling Act of 2003 prohibits remote interactive gambling, referring to those sports and casino betting ventures that are accessed through electronic gadgets.

The Racing Act of 2003 handles racing and sports betting in the country. Almost every government has voted gambling bills that allow online casinos to be regulated by law. The bills provide obvious details on what the players in the country can or can’t do when it comes to online casino. Several countries have banned their players from doing any financial transaction at an online gambling site, though almost all countries enable online gambling but require the operator of the website to comply and follow the rules.

The UK is the ideal example of this since the parliament voted a bill to regulate online operators who do business within the country and regulate gambling for every single resident in the United Kingdom. However, the bill imposed that every single operator must obtain the UK Gambling Commission License. They also have to pay an annual fee to the government of UK. This method would make sure that the players in the country will be protected to the complete extent of the law.

How are Players in New Zealand Protected?

The Gambling Act of 2003 imposes regulations that are precise and simple. Players from the country are allowed to play at an online casino based overseas. Also, it generally prohibits operators to set up their casino operations within the country.

At first, this might appear that players in the country are left on their own to the mercy of online gambling operators. However, it is guaranteed that every player will be protected if any issues happen while playing at an online casino. For those who still do not know, strict rules have been imposed lately to online gambling sites, forcing the operators to run in a safe and professional manner.

Safe Online Gambling

There’s one extremely simple reason why it does not work in the operators favor to mistreat their online players. If one player has issues at a particular online casino, the complaints would be passed around within the gambling community of New Zealand. This would prevent other players to deposit their money to that online gambling site. Because of this, the operator will not make any revenue to continue running their site. The time of scoundrel gambling sites is behind us. Now, the only profitable method to run is by providing high-quality services, enticing a lot of players to deposit to their online casino.

When choosing a casino, just keep in mind that online casinos operating within New Zealand are illegal.